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Total INfluence™ Platform

Our Properties + Trusted Content Partners

Total INfluence™ Platform

Learn more about our owned and operated websites and talented content partners

Customized Solutions

Lead Acquisition, Couponing and Shopper Marketing

Customized Solutions

Learn how we drive success through our custom advertiser solutions.

INtegrity™ Protection

Best-In-Class Fraud Mitigation & Brand Safety

INtegrity™ Protection

Learn more about our best-in-class fraud mitigation & brand safety suite

INsight™ Reporting

Campaign Performance & Demographics

INsight™ Reporting

Gain insights into campaign performance and demographics

Total INfluence Platform™

Influencer Interactive owns and operates four unique online properties each targeting their own distinct audience and demographic segment. Through native articles, display advertising, and newsletters we reach millions of highly engaged consumers. 

We also partner with talented content producers to add reach and additional demographic segments to our capabilities.

Contact our sales team to learn more about our Total INfluence platform and other capabilities. 

Customized Campaign Solutions

Find the right consumers efficiently with our consumer lead acquisition and engagement programs. Our LeadAffect platform offers laser accurate targeting and best-in-class validation with INtegrity, plus real-time delivery and integration with your existing CRM, API, ESP, easy to upload batch files, or traffic directly to your landing page with real-time attribution.

Other customized solutions include:

  • Custom Co-Registration and Display Lead Generation Programs via LeadAffect

  • Social Outreach

  • Couponing Strategy and Distribution

  • Shopper Marketing Strategies

  • Loyalty Executions

  • Product Trial/Sample Executions

INsight™ Reports & Analytics

Best in Class data analytics execution to refine and repeat campaign success, and ensure we are reaching our clients goals.

INtegrity™ – Fraud Mitigation & Brand Safety

Digital advertising is complex and filled with bad actors who will go to great lengths to make a quick buck. To combat these risks, Influencer Interactive has developed a best-in-class real-time fraud mitigation suite we call INtegrity.

INtegrity combines multiple industry leading technologies and in-house data on millions of email addresses to score every impression, click, and lead to block fraud and optimize campaigns in real-time.

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