We Influence Family Decision Makers.

Our LeadAcuity Audience Platform

Lead Affect owns and operates six unique online properties. Through our lead acquisition platform, native articles, display advertising, and newsletters we deliver our clients hundreds of thousands of high-quality leads and reach millions of highly engaged consumers every month.

We also partner with talented content producers to add reach and additional demographic segments to our capabilities.

Contact our sales team to learn more about our LeadAcuity Audience Platform and other capabilities. 

LeadAffect Products & Solutions

Find the right consumers efficiently with our consumer lead acquisition and engagement products. Our flagship LeadAcuity Audience Platform offers laser accurate targeting and best-in-class validation with our Data Quality Assurance suite of tools.

Our consumer lead acquisition and engagement products include:

  • LeadAcuity – Customer Acquisition via..
    • Co-Registration
    • Display
    • Native
    • Email
  • Coupon Distribution
  • Loyalty Executions
  • Product Trial/Sample Executions

Our Process

Data Quality Assurance – Fraud Mitigation & Brand Safety

We utilize best-in-class 3rd party fraud mitigation and data quality tools and monitoring. From pro-active impression and click filtering, to real-time email, address, and phone verification for lead generation and co-registration.

Among Our Clients